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Some information about the characters here. Images will be added later.

Mica is a young and brilliant scientist, and member of the Guardians of Gezuriya. His contribution to the goddess of passion is his pursuit of knowledge. His life's goal is to use his gifts to help mankind, but he often gets frustrated with others' ability to keep up. Although blessed with many gifts, he suffers from bipolar depression, which interferes with his professional and personal life at times. He is constantly afraid of slipping, and lets very few people get close to him. He prefers emotionally-unattached sexual exploration of Gezuriya's rituals.

Roland is the leader of the scientific community within the Guardians of Gezuriya, and holds a seat on their council, which makes governing decisions. When he was a teenage boy, he found Mica as a starving child living on the street. He recognized Mica's gifted intelligence, and brought him into the Guardians of Gezuriya. He has thought of Mica as a younger brother since then. Though he doesn't understand the source of Mica's emotional phases, he has grown to recognize them, and does his best to support Mica.

Quince is an explorer who likes to travel the world for his trade, doing odd-jobs and scavenging ruins. He finds rare antiquities for collectors to make his living, but he prefers to work with historical and scientific communities that might give his work more meaning. Although he is brave and daring when it comes to hunting for treasure, in his personal life, he lacks confidence in himself. At heart he is a romantic who dreams about being in love, but he's too shy to act on his feelings when he meets someone new.

A self-proclaimed "hoarding demon," Pocko is a magical creature with the power to hide away almost anything into an alternate dimension inside her gem. This makes her an excellent companion for a traveler like Quince. Quince once saved Pocko from being eaten by a larger monster, and since then, she has grown to like him. She looks after him like a big sister, and often teases him for being a sappy goof.

She is another Council member like Roland who supervises the Guardians of Gezuriya's rituals. She makes sure that procedures are up to the goddess's standards of consent and safety, as well as plans the various events. She is close friends with Roland, and has fun teasing Mica.